INPP General Informations


International Network for Philosophy and Psychiatry provides a collaborative research and education forum to support organisations and individuals involved in conceptual and ethical work in psychiatry and related disciplines. INPP is a registered international charity (Charity Commission no. 1101747).

Aims of the Network:

  • To support educational, research, policy and service initiatives in mental health that are based on valuing individual and cultural differences and respecting diversity
  • To contribute to such initiatives through rigorous philosophical and cross-disciplinary work on the concepts guiding mental health practice
  • To facilitate collaborative learning through exchange of ideas, experience, knowledge and skills
  • To work with national, local and subject-based organisations with appropriate aims, in developing and strengthening their unique identities

Key Activities:

  • Publishing: INPP has its own book series: International Perspectives in Philosophy and Psychiatry, published by Oxford University Press. The cross-disciplinary field of philosophy and psychiatry is also well served by the journal PPP: Philosophy, Psychiatry & Psychology published by Johns Hopkins University Press.
  • Meetings: INPP functions to coordinate international meetings. Such meetings are planned and promoted by the Network by mutual agreement between the members, playing a facilitative rather than executive role. As well as promoting its own core meetings, the Network promotes and supports other relevant conferences.
  • Education: INPP provides a forum for the exchange of ideas, initiatives and experience of teaching and learning in the cross-disciplinary field of philosophy and mental health. This includes the exchange of information about courses and seminars, and access to educational resources including literature databases.
  • Research: INPP functions to provide a resource of information and contacts for people working in and coming into the cross-disciplinary field.
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