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International Network for Philosophy and Psychiatry 21th Annual Conference: Experts and Representations in Mental Health

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Open Seminars in Philosophy and Psychiatry Foundation is honored to host the 21th Annual Conference of the International Network for Philosophy and Psychiatry INPP “Experts and Representations in Mental Health”. This international and interdisciplinary conference will take place in autumn 2019 in Warsaw, Poland.

The invitation to take part in the 21th Annual Conference INPP 2019 is open to researchers, professionals, and persons working and/or interested in the field of mental health, including philosophers, psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, medical doctors, nurses, etc.

The status of the experts in mental health, their knowledge, skills, and competences is the topic of discussion and research as well as the object of public interest. Particularly intriguing are the questions about the type of expertise held by mental health workers, their mutual relations, and their attitude towards patients and their families. An important area of interest is also the social status of the mental health care system the social and political representatives of psychiatric patients, and the concept of mental disorders in art and literature.

Topics of the conference will cover the following questions:

  • Who is an expert? Why do we need experts? Which is the status of an expert? Which is the role of experts in the modern societies? What is the meaning of social representation? Whom the expert represents and on which conditions?
  • How the questions about the experts relate to the sphere of mental health, psychiatry, psychology, and psychotherapy? How an expert is placed in the context of health care systems? How the situation of experts changes during the history and what kind of knowledge was attributed to the sciences of mental health?
  • Which are the social (lay and professional) representations of mental illness, their ambivalence and heterogeneity? How the concept of madness and mental illness has changed along history? How is the concept of madness and mental illness represented in contemporary literature and art (film, painting, theater)?
  • What is Expert knowledge and how skills development takes place? What is the place of Expert knowledge in Values Based Practice? What are the challenges facing professional ethics in mental health care? What is the role of Expert knowledge in decision making process?. What is the idea of experts by experience? Who is the person behind the psychiatrist and psychotherapist?Further information will be published no later than in September 2018.We are looking forward to welcome you in Warsaw!

Contact for partners, sponsors and media:

For further information please visit event site on Facebook >>.

Organising Committee members:

  • Professor Andrzej Kapusta
  • PhD Jakub Tercz
  • Agnieszka Brejwo
  • Ida Brożek
  • Aleksandra Hamny
  • Dominika Witkowska

Scientific Committee members:

  • Professor Bill Fulford
  • Professor John Sadler
  • Professor Giovanni Stanghellini

To contact with us via mail please use address below with main title “INNP 2019”:

Open Seminars in Philosophy and Psychiatry Foundation

Aleja Komisji Edukacji Narodowej 36 lok. 112b

02-797 Warszawa



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